Friday, January 28, 2011

Lip Service Legs

I can't speak for the rest of the world, but in Scotland it's still too cold to think about wearing any hoisery thinner than those woolly black tights you get from Marks &Spencers that they test in the antarctic. Spring, however, is slowly crawling nearer and with it comes the opportunity for more aesthetically exciting things to wear on your no doubt bleach-white legs. Just take a look at these hot pickings from Lip Service's Sock It To Me division...


Ah screw it, I'm buying them all now and wearing them over a pair of tights

Dark Side Of Disney

Disney? Like Walt Disney? Those seemingly innocent yet somehow completely perverse and depressing children's cartoons we remember so well? ... Yeah, I suppose on second thought it's not much of a stretch that the new line of Disney jewellery would work it's way into a gothic fashion blog. Anyone's who's ever seen The Little Mermaid or Snow White know's there's plenty of darkness in Disney and this collection channels that pretty well. you can't find them here at Karmaloop

Mixed Chains Bracelet With Resin Apple Beads (black) $45

Snow White Earrings (red) $40

Rose Size Ring (black) $35

Cut Out Love Scroll Earings (hematite) $45

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Printed Tops And T-shirts

I can't get enough of the evil looking printed tops and t-shirts out at the moment. I firmly endorse taking advantage of the fact that skulls, witches and gothic imagery are in fashion at the moment and stocking up on them while you can. Don't forget to search in men's shops as well; men's t-shirts are perfect for chopping the sleeves off or turning into corset tops.

Cult Of The Dead womens top $36 at Blood Is The New Black

Obesity & Speed Pentacol tank $27.60 at I Don't Like Mondays

Bite Me t-shirt at Shop On The Top

Obey Stinkin Linkin t-shirt at Blackbird

Crescent t-shirt by Wildfox at Karmaloop 

Bones slob t-shirt by Lazy Oaf

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dark Vintage Style Jewellery

Jewellery by 1928.

Heritage Cameo Pin $22


Cross Dangle Key Earrings $24



Large Cross Pendant Necklace $28


Bonne Nuit Oval Links Stretch Braclet $36


Goddess with Hind Cameo Museum Reproduction Earring $60



Black Beaded Multi Strand Pendant Bracelet $18



Jet Black Ruby Charm Earrings $24


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Metal Style Designer Clothes From YouHeShe

I'm digging YouHeShe at the moment. It's a little *cough* on the expensive side, but if you can afford it, go for it! I'm particularly liking the rubber appliqued Sass And Bide harness top.

Leather scarf by David Andersen €454

Sass And Bide suspender print tank top (front) €152


Wildfox 'It's Witch Craft' oversize t-shirt €95